100+ Facebook cover photos Collection – Revised List 2016

For a normal person, Facebook is for time pass. They just go to Facebook profiles, search for the new friend requests, send some friend requests [sometimes to people not even exist] read incoming messages, like some profile pictures, comment on others status, browse through their favorite fb pages etc. No Problem. Zuckerberg had introduced this for just time pass. After getting more popularity, range of Facebook had copied to politics, religious, Business, entertainment etc. People start thinking Facebook as part of their life. Some people use FB features to make their own living. Corporate began to use Facebook for their brand popularity. Business competitors still consider their fb page’s LIKE count as a factor of their brand popularity.

Through what all medias, you can reach 1 crore people with exact target? TV? Radio? No. But Facebook makes it possible. This is the reason why small or big started promoting their brand through fb. For individuals or celebrities, there is no other perfect way to show their status to the world.

One important fact that makes someone’s profile page or companies brand page is the option to put attractive cover photos or images. In case of celebrities, they use their own images as cover photos, for companies, they may use their upcoming product, events or features as their cover photo. The same also done by political parties to make their party page attractive. For religious pages, it is best to choose religious symbols, religious events etc to make fb cover photos attractive.

Fb Cover photos for Individual use

1:- Cover photos for boys

2:- Cover photos for girls

3:- Facebook cover photos in common

Facebook cover photos ideas – Adapted from popular brands

Here we had collected some of the top brands Facebook cover photos. This is not intended to download the same image from the pages. This is only to adapt the idea how top brands keep their fb cover photos attractive. So if yo are running a brand or company page, then this is the right place to collect best idea for your company.

#1 Google’s Facebook Page

Facebook cover photos

Here is how google’s Facebook page looks as on August first week. Within their cover photo, they had showed all of their popular products. Icons for YouTube, Play Store, Google Drive, Google Chrome, Gmail, Google Map and google plus were showed in that single fb cover photo. If you are running a company’s fb page, then it is better to list all the products or features in cover photo.

#2 Microsoft Fb Cover pic

Facebook cover photos 2016

Everybody know that, Microsoft had introduced their latest Operating system called Windows 10 on July 29. Before the launching ceremony itself, they updated their cover photo showing Windows 10 running Laptop. Anyway the logo remains the same. Microsoft with this cover photo, give a good impression to their followers how system looks after installing their new product. Showing upcoming product in cover photo is also a good idea.

#3 Pepsi India 

Capture3 (FILEminimizer)

Corporate companies used to acquire celebrities for their brand popularity. They use them to act in Television advertisements for more brand popularity. Here in the case of Pepsi India, they had took the brand value of India’s one of the best cricket player Virat Kohli. Posting celebrities pictures on Facebook covers surely provide a good impact.

How Celebrities keeps their FB Cover photos?

Here are some of the fb cover pages ideas adapted from some celebrities. You can also follow their foot steps to create wonderful cover photos. Take a look at them.

#1 Barack Obama


This kind of cover photos are suitable for a politician. With this single image, fb page viewer got an idea about our nature. This cover picture shows the acceptance of our president among common people.

#2 Leonardo DiCaprio


All of us know that Leonardo DiCaprio is good as well as a dedicated environmentalist. His activities for the protection of nature had already discussed on popular medias and TV channels. With in this period, he had received many praise from nature lovers and environmental groups. He had installed a solar panel in his home. May be his cover photo be that solar panel in his home. Anyway he tried to spread an idea about what he stands for. Appreciation from team ageofwindows for his remarkable work.

#3 Cristiano Ronaldo


Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the celebrity person who had made the 10th position of Forbes top celebrities of 2015. In 2015, a movie named Cristiano Ronaldo had released in the box office and Ronaldo made an attempt to promote the movie through his Facebook cover photos. Check that pic, we could get almost all the details about that movie.

Facebook Cover photos for boys

Boys always choose handsome cover photos for their Facebook profile. It may have close resemblance to their day to day life activities. Here we had collected some of the commonly using cool fb cover pics for boys.









Facebook Cover photos for girls

For girls. Facebook cover pictures aren’t a showcasing banner on the top of their profile page. Most girls use cover photos for express their attitude towards something special. Under this section, we are showing some cool, cute and girly Facebook cover photos.

Facebook Cover photos for girls fb Cover photos for girls Facebook Cover photos for girls Facebook Cover pics for girls Facebook Cover images for girls Facebook Cover photos for women Facebook Cover photos for girls cute cute Facebook Cover photos for girls Facebook Cover photos for girls fummy

Facebook Cover photos in Common

Hope you have enjoyed the above fb cover pics. Here we have another collection of timeline pictures. These images can be used for both boys and girls for their Facebook timeline.

Ambulance-Facebook-Profile-Timeline-Cover Caution-Facebook-Profile-Timeline-Cover Facebook-is-Jail-Profile-Timeline-Cover Good-Looks-Disabled-Cover-for-Facebok-Profile-Timeline Hurt Me With The Truth Not With Lies

If you want to download these cover pictures, just right click on the image and choose save as option. Then the image will be downloaded on your Mobile or Computer. Then you can upload the desired cover picture to Facebook. If you loved these image