Best gaming laptops under 500 USD January 2016

Usually people looks for gaming laptops than others because gaming laptops are suitable for all other needs. Without any doubt one can say that, a gaming laptop is a very powerful tool with efficient components in its design. When efficiency increases we cant demand a cheap price for these gaming laptops. There is slight difficulty in finding good gaming laptops at the range of $500. But I am here to suggest out the best in the market.

There are a certain things to be noted in buying gaming laptops. Intel processor are better than the AMD ones in delivering better performance. Other necessities include the capacity of RAM and no doubt if it is high you an definitely enjoy good gaming, battery, screen, keyboard etc. There are no such perfect laptops but  I have taken effort to provide the besties.

Most Valuable gaming laptops under 500 dollar in January 2016

1.ACER ASPIRE E 15 E5-571-33BV

gaming laptops under 500 USD January 2016

While looking for gaming laptops under 500, we suggests this one first. Budget is what determines all. And if you are on budget, definitely the cheapest laptops suits you the most. Acer Aspire E 15 E5-571-33BV is a good choice of your budget which has got a 15.6 inch display.  The laptop is driven by 4th gen Intel Core i3 processor and has got 4GB DDR3L SDRAM and has 500 GB HDD. This laptop is the cheapest listed in this article and costs just under $400. It has also got LED back light technology with LCD display which gives out a razor sharp view. Another big advantage of this product is, it comes with Wireless 802.11ac technology which enables you 3x more faster data transfer through WiFi.

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2. Asus X550ZA-WH11 15.6-inch

gaming laptops under 500

This laptop from asus definitely find place in your shortlist if you demand aesthetics and better performance at low range. 2.5 GHz processor with 8GB DDR3 RAM ensures the speedy performance of the device. The laptop comes with 1TB hard drive which ensures a plenty of storage for games and media. Moreover the laptop has a very good battery life of about 5 hours. I must give you the final verdict that, this laptop from asus simply meets the price with its elegant performance.

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Another option under this budget is Toshiba satellite C55-C5241 which gives a better gaming experience for the user. It uses Intel Core i5-5200U processor and has higher clock speed with 8GB RAM. The laptop is with a size of 15.6 inch and has mobile Intel HD 5500 graphics. 1TB (5400 RPM, Seriel ATA) helps you to store many of your favorite games . The laptop costs $449.99 in the market and if you have a thrifty budget, go for the same to play your lovely games.

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4. Dell Inspiron 15 i5558-5718SLV Signature Edition


A laptop with 15 inch screen from DELL comes with elegant brushed aluminium design and is thin and lightweight enough  for daily travel. The quad core AMD APU A10-7300 along with 8GB RAM is extremely fantastic for daily tasks. The integrated AMD R6 graphics enables to run old games and even some modern games at high and low settings respectively. The impressive backlight technology helps the user to enjoy gaming in dark. One should also note that the laptop does not require any cooling pad. It costs $498 in the market and is satisfying the cost by its casual use and game play.

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Lenovo thinkpad E55 20DH002TUS offers a business class design and is been equipped with AccuType keyboard from Lenovo. If you love to play games along with your office matters, the model is fulfilled with AMD Radeon R7 M260DX capable of handling games at lower settings. I think this product is most selling laptops in gaming laptops under 500 category because of the external Graphics card. It has got 4GB RAM and can be expanded to 16GB and has 500GB of storage. Surely this model from Lenovo is well succeeded with its design and mid level AMD graphics. This laptop costs about $499 and the performance is in equilibrium with its price.

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Don’t worry at your lower budget, because you can definitely own a model for casual use and gaming performance. I can’t say that the above listed laptops are the best and can run every demanding games, but I can give you an assurance that this very well suits if you have a lower budget.