Create Bootable Windows 10 USB Flash drive from windows 8/8.1 PC

Today, we are with yet another interesting article. This time, it is about making a windows 10 bootable USB Flash drive from an Windows 10 ISO. This article will be very useful to those don’t have the windows 10 DVD and have a valid ISO file with them.

Last day, we got a mail from Jonathan from Texas regarding how to make bootable windows 10 flash drive. Here is his email abstract.

Hay admin,

First of all, my heartily congratulation for planning to build a website for putting information about windows 10. I have an issue with my windows 8.1 OS for making a windows 10 technical preview bootable Pendrive. I just planned to migrate from windows 8.1 to windows 10 preview for understanding more about the upcoming OS. For that, I had downloaded the ISO image file and save it into my windows 8.1. But the issue is that, My computer is not supporting Windows USB/DVD for converting the image file to bootable format. I had done everything. But the software is showing error message every time. Please suggest me a third party tool for doing the same. Thanks in advance.

Kind Regards


Thanks Jonathan for sending us this kind of issues. Continue reading this article for solving your issue.

Need of windows 10 USB Flash drive


You may think what is the need for this kind of tutorials. But we hope that this will help at least a few people for making windows 10 bootable flash drive. Millions of people still don’t have basic knowledge about computers especially when new OS came to market.

Microsoft basically provides two way to purchase their software. One method is by purchasing the OS DVD and the second method is by downloading the files from Microsoft website. If you purchase their DVD, then you don’t need to make the windows 10 bootable USB. But if your computer have not DVD reading hardware, then you need to convert it to bootable flash drive.

If you opt the second method ie download OS from Microsoft website, then the better way to install it is by converting the files to a bootable pendrive or USB. [You can also make a DVD from that image]

As Jonathan mailed us, the windows DVD maker may sometime won’t work with the windows 8 nd windows 8.1 version due to compatibility issues. If you are an windows 7 user, then Windows USB/DVD tool would be enough for making the bootable USB. So here is our third party tool for making a windows 10 USB from your windows 8, windows 8.1 platform.

Steps to make  Bootable Windows 10 USB Flash drive using WinToFlash

Step 1:- Download and install WinToFlash on your Computer.

Step 2:- Now Open the WinToFlash tool. Make sure that you have inserted a blank USB to your computer with necessary capacity.

Create Bootable Windows 10 USB Flash drive

Step 3:- Now click on the “Windows Setup Transfer Wizard”.

Step 4:- Now the next windows ask you to select the ISO image on your computer.

wintoflash Create Bootable Windows 10 USB Flash drive

Step 5:- Choose the ISO image of windows 10 and open it.

Windows 10 USB Flash drive


Now you can see that the software preparing the bootable USB for you. Wait till the process get completed. After the setup is finished, you can use your USB as a bootable one.