Download Brave Browser – A Web browser that block ads by default

Using internet has now became an inevitable job in our day today life. For the same reason, different browser software are rolling out in the market. And now Brendab Eich, one of the hand behind Firefox, have launched a new browser that promises to run with greater efficiency than its all rivals in the scene and shield you from disgusting ads.

The new startup, Brave software, released a beta version of the browser and this stuff run on PC’s using both Windows and OSX as well as on handsets which works on Android and iOS software. Since the browser get rid of annoying ads, it offers the users a great privacy protection. In addition to this, the speed at which pages are loaded will show an increment of two to four in smartphones and about 1.4 times in PC’s.

Let me give you some more features about the brave browser. This is been discussed in the following paragraphs. The new browser launched blocks all the ugliness and ridiculous ads that slows down your browsing speed and thereby stops it from invading your privacy. To fund website owners and Brave users alike, the browser team put clean ads back which can’t irritate the internet user.


Its your money, your gadget, your time, so just make it your internet by using Brave browser. The software launched allows you to browse faster, safer and better than any other opponents in the market. Brave browser blocks infuriating ads and trackers that can pace you down  on the internet. Its quite interesting to note speed in loading page when you are using Brave browser.

Ads are the main reason which slows down your search. A shrieking 60% of page load time is caused by ad technology underlying the page and about 20% of this valuable time is utilized to learn more about you. What Brave browser does is, it just get rid of these intrusive ads and thereby one can experience a haste in browsing with high security and privacy. A graphical analysis is given below for a better understanding.

Another feature that the Brave offers is the ability to browse safer with very much brave and confidence as it shields everything that can hinder your style and destruct your privacy. On Brave browser, cookies and exasperating ads are directed to ‘jar’ where they belong.¬† In addition to this Brave browser act as constraint towards all kind of harmful advertising over the internet.

The latest ad technology is so much powerful as it can install malware on your device without your knowledge. But don’t worry, this cannot be achieved in Brave browser and thus it offers a 360 degree protection from Malvertising. Brave browser always redirects sites to HTTPS as they have integrated HTTPS Everywhere into every browser to confirm you are always moving across the safe zone. HTTPS Everywhere encrypts your communications with major websites and thus makes your browsing more secure and personal.

Tracking pixels and tracking cookies are easily given a hindrance by brave browser. Many other browsers provide your details and you will be tracked on the behalf of your purchase few days earlier or on browsing on favorite sites. I guarantee this won’t be a problem while using Brave browser as all your tracking cookies and pixels are retarded by Brave browser. Thus, this software for browsing ensures your complete privacy and security.

Download Brave Browser from GitHub

Brave browser is a browser-based ad-tech platform which delivers users high precision and utmost privacy in browsing. Moreover, Brave browser considers solving Principal-Agent issues as their prime aim. So use Brave browser and just experience the change in browsing. Links for all platforms are given below.

Brave for iOS

brave for OSX, windows, Linux

Brave for android

Its your internet, so use Brave and browse brave……………….

Download Brave Browser