Download Mimicker Alarm – You can’t sleep anymore

Most of us are a customer of alarm in early morning to get out of the bed. Me too, ha ha.. For me early mornings are really painful and I believe most of my readers experience the same. When the buzzer goes off, we tap the snooze button and go back sleep by taking a roll over, right?. Some might themselves be ready for the lovely day, but some others need more stimulation to start the race.

For the people with latter character, technology has done something to motivate for a fine morning. Microsoft has launched Mimicker alarm, a Microsoft Garage Project, to help you in waking up with decent energy. Microsoft has been experimenting with guessing ages and emotions in the past few months and now it has taken a step forward in exposing its machine learning capabilities. Mimicker alarm is result of that.

Its not just a normal alarm, it demands you to play a simple game to get ready for the day. I am sure after the completion of game, you wont get sleepy but will be energized for the busy day. Before involving yourself to the day, Mimicker alarm app wants you to take a selfie with a specific emotion, find an object with a particular color, or might ask you to repeat a tongue twister. You all will be fresh after the game, don’t you feel?

To dismiss the buzzing one most do any of the above tasks successfully. The app requires you to be very keen and alert in using you and your surroundings. Just note, you are only given 30 seconds to play the game and once you are incomplete the app starts ringing again thinking that you have fallen asleep. You only need to win one game to shut down the alarm. The app also enables you to choose from any of these three tasks accordingly.

Download Mimicker Alarm

Mimicker Alarm – New thinking from Microsoft

Now let me give you some features of the app. As every other app does, Mimicker also help you to learn the app before starting your day. Alarm customization feature is also available for time , day, ringtone, snooze and for Mimic. Mimicker alarm offers three Mimics to wake you up, Matching expression, capturing color or repeating phrases. Additionally, one can shuffle between these three tasks. One can also share the personalized images with their friends after every alarm.

Mimicker alarm is built using Microsoft Project Oxford, a platform of feigned intelligence APIs. The speech API is used to listen to our tongue twister challenge, Emotion API is used to express yourself and computer vision API is used to analyze colors of photos that you capture. Its interesting to note that the app work best when connected to web but don’t worry you can use the same without internet.

Photos, videos, audios and any other stuff that you upload while using the app are sent to Project Oxford APIs just to support the interactive sessions incorporated in the app. For service improvisation, Microsoft uses anonymous usage data along with data you upload. There won’t be any step from the side of Microsoft to contact you in accordance with the uploaded data. All of the Mimicker app codes are available on GitHub and you can view file issues, can give contribution to mimic and many more.

Mimicker Alarm app is now rolling in the google play storeĀ  and till now it has got a few thousands installs and is climbing. The current version of the app is and has a average rating of 4.5 in the play store.

I believe we all are setting alarm to wake up and not to just roll over the bed. If you need to wake up for the lovely morning, avoid all other default alarms. Download Mimicker alarm app, do the Mimic and get ready for a wonderful day.

Download Mimicker AlarmĀ