[Solved] Error setting up player invalid license key on Chrome and Mozilla

Here is another error fix today which have been send by Christopher from UK. The issue is Error setting up player invalid license key on Chrome and Mozilla while trying to play videos which are playable using the JW player. I had got the mail regarding the issue today morning and resolve it within 1 hour. Here is what Christopher send today morning.


I am Christopher from London and I am here based on your ask anything campaign running on Facebook. Hope you could solve my issue. Here is the detailed description about this issue. I am running an institution for online courses and we use JW player for streaming the videos. We are running a website with lots of informative videos and tutorials for our students on all part of the world. But things had changed after we start receiving complaints regarding “Error setting up player invalid license key” issue from our students. Last month we had lost nearly 10 subscriptions worth $1000. If the situation continues we were forced to shut down our institution which is impossible to think. One solution is to move our service from JW player and it is not possible because we have nearly 10 TB of tutorials uploaded. The only possible solution is to resolve this issue. We had mailed this issue to 100 webmasters and waiting for their replay. Hope ageofwindows team can send us the solutions before others do.

Best Regards


Suggestions for Error setting up player invalid license key

 Error setting up player invalid license key

First of all you should keep in mind that this is not a “permanent issue”. That means there is no issue by streaming with JW player. The issue may be any updating bugs or glitches. The team will resolve it quickly once they found it and you can continue posting video with JW player. Anyway there are some other suggestions you can try with your students.

Suggestion 1:- Check Browser enabled JavaScript or not

JW player loads videos in the web  browser using JavaScript. If you need to recheck the settings whether JavaScript is enabled or not. Due to security threats, your browser may have disabled this feature automatically. If so re enable it again and try loading the videos. This is just a suggestion which may work is some cases. So check it before contacting the developer team.

Suggestion 2:- Check you are running AdBlocker Service

There are many ad blocker plugins and extensions available for both Chrome and Mozilla browser. These plugins are very helpful to an extend but sometimes provide a negative action. These plugins works by blocking unwanted JavaScript and other queries running on the browser. So there is a chance for blocking JW player videos while using these ad blocker plugins.

Suggestion 3:- Check whether it is a global issue

Check whether the same issue is happening for all possible conditions. that means, if you are getting Error setting up player invalid license key while browsing through Google Chrome, try changing the browser to IE or Mozilla and Vice Versa. By doing this we could easily detect whether the issue is with your browser or not. If all the browsers are receiving the same issue, it might be a global issue and may get fixed soon by the developers.

Suggestion 4:- Check out Web Filtering and VPN

This is another important factor you need to consider. If you are running the JW player on College or School or Office, there may be Web Filtering service enabled to block unwanted data loss. So you won’t get these streaming services. Another important thing you need to double check is that VPN. If you are using any Private Networks, try disable them and restart your browser. This may fix your issue.

Suggestion 5:- Fix your Time and Time Zone

This solution is adapted from the Internet. We had found that a user named Ethan Feldman had recently reported that he had this error because of improper Time settings. So he adjusted the time of your PC and reconnect to the website running JW player. He mentioned that this trick had worked for him and he is now able to stream videos that are running with JW player. So check your PC time settings and if it is not correct, please correct it.

There are five suggestions that you can try for the Error setting up player invalid license key error message while streaming videos with JW player. If you had found any other solutions please feel free to write it down. Other readers could able to take benefit from your comment.