Paypal Alternatives – Top 3 close looking services in 2015

When people are engaged in having online shopping or online transaction, their attitude is somewhat unsatisfactory because of the risk of using credit cards, doubtful security of mobile transaction and difficulty in getting refund and many more. Sometimes the use of credit cards became questionable in many websites. Technology has emerged and a useful solution has been awarded to these issues, as the international payment services like PayPal which allows its consumers to have a easy way to receive, send money across nation borders.

The first to arrive was PayPal which enabled consumers to have transactions across borders. It is of some standard but not the cheapest and the best service option out there in the middle. The major problem is our lack of knowledge about its alternatives which provides far better services than ‘dying out Paypal’. We all love to get efficient things at a cheap rate and if you love to have that , must go for other options. There are also many reports made which questions the business practices of PayPal.

In addition to this, not everyone around the globe can make use of PayPal and this dilemma is solved by its other choices. To make your customer satisfied in a website with plenty of traffic, will definitely require a very good amount of efforts and resources so that the costumer is treated well. You also require an effective and efficient way to enjoy transactions. There lies the importance of other possible options which can deliver you a very effective transactions at low rate. So here are the result of topmost Paypal alternatives which proved to be consistent with their effective service.

Top 3 Paypal alternatives that you can trust


Skrill is one of the leading online payment service provider with an award winning digital wallet and has got a satisfactory customer care service. They were formally called Money bookers and is an e-commerce business website that enables you to have money transfers and payments through internet at a very cheap rate. For business deals Skrill offers a payment gateway and escrow payments. In addition to this they offer SMS and fax sending possibilities. They are not usually involved in merchandise issues and disputes.



Skrill works hard to give their costumers the benefits and other useful stuffs as they deserve. For giving these extras they select high turnover customers and give them a membership called ”Skrill VIP” through which skrill provide additional features of security token, loyalty points and multi-currency accounts. There are 4 levels for this Skrill VIP which include bronze, silver, gold and diamond. So when you have more transactions under your belt, your grade is upgraded and you will be offered a loyalty points which can be used to get 100% money back guarantee, low FX fees, exclusive promotions, multi-currency accounts and many more.

Skrill is fast and is easy to set up an account and also you can manage your account from any where around the world. Moreover skrill works with a number of international currencies and has got a quite reasonable fees for transactions. Sometimes its fraud prevention policies can damage like freezing of your accounts and also sometimes you might face problem in solving your complaints hastily.


Payoneer is another alternative for PayPal which enables you to have online money transfer and e-commerce payment services. Payoneer offers online payments, cross border wire transfers and most importantly refillable debit card service for its customers. In addition to this payoneer account holders can receive money into their bank account as well as to a re-loadable prepaid debit card, issued through Mastercard. As per current statistics Payoneer is available in about 200 countries in 100 currencies.

With the use of prepaid Mastercard one easily withdraw money from ATM’s. Payoneer makes you happy by its fast action and low cost. Interesting to note is that you will be receiving money in your local currency. Payoneer has got only a currency conversion charge of 2%above the mid market rate. You can also receive e-payments from different companies including freelance marketplaces like oDesk and affiliate networks.

The disadvantage to be noted is its high ATM withdrawal rate and high fixed account maintenance.Some fees is there in bank account transfers where its competitors provide this service for free. All together Payoneer is a reliable e-transfer system which can be used in most of the countries around the world.


Payza was formally known as Alerpay , which is another recommended option for PayPal allows you to enjoy online transactions just in few seconds. The service is mainly targeted US and Canada but also supports credit and debit cards of recognized bank in some countries. Payza allows you to add funds to your account, helps you in in sending money to others as well as enables you to even request for money through invoices.

Payza allows your online transactions from anywhere globally and is available over 190 countries and in 21 currencies. It allows you to pay money in your own way,ie,credit card,bank account or your Payza e-wallet is supported in transactions. It keeps your details secured and the resolution center helps you in sorting out your difficulty at times of transactions. Your are supported by live chat or by E-mail.

There are some small issues where a lot of people face processing and verification difficulties and also issues in customer service even if they demand 24*7 efficient support.Overall Payza is a decent option for transactions and online payment with its good security and fast transfer.

So I recommend everyone to enjoy the taste of Paypal alternatives which is effective and efficient and is available at low cost. Is there anybody who might enjoy red light in traffic when an alternative road to destination is lightened by green wavelength. I believe nobody……….