[Solved] GWXUX.exe – Application Error While clicking “Get Windows 10”

Last day, Microsoft had released their latest Operating System, named as windows 10. On the first day of release itself, millions of people used the free windows 10 update that is offered by Microsoft which is free for the first one year. The previous version Windows 8 was an initial attempt to bring their hand towards touch computing, but failed to please audience. By putting some changes and error fixes, they released windows 8.1 but it also provide the same result as that of windows 8.

While looking the initial reviews of windows 10, we could understand that, it is going to be a winner. Like windows win for eliminating all issues made by windows vista. As mentioned by Microsoft, the update to windows 10 is free for those who are using windows 7, windows 8/8.1 and before update, please check out the minimum requirements.

Many people trying to update windows 8/8.1 to windows 10 are getting an “GWXUX.exe – Application Error”. When they click on the “Get Windows 10” button on desktop, there come a popup entitled “GWXUX.exe – Application Error”. This issues is now one of the trending topics on Microsoft forum. Here is a sample compliant made by windows 8.1 PRO user, regarding this issue.


My name is Ben, IT profession from United Kingdom. I am a Windows lover and now using windows 8.1 PRO build 9600 on my Dell laptop. I was waiting for more than one year for a new version of windows. Finally last day, you guyz had released one. As seen on Microsoft website, I clicked on “Get Windows 10” link for claiming my free windows 10 update. But here is a small problem. Every time, I click on the link, it shows an application error message. kindly help me to resolve this issue As Soon as possible.



Possible solution for GWXUX.exe – Application Error

GWXUX.exe - Application Error While clicking

GWXUX.exe is part of Windows Operating System, owned by Microsoft. This file got more popularity when Microsoft start rolling out windows 10 update. that means the file is something relate to windows 10 update. There will occur many error in the name of this file such as

GWXUX has stopped working.

gwxux.exe – Application Error

End Program – gwxux.exe.

and so on. While surfing Microsoft forums, we could get some suggestions to overcome these issues. Please have a look on the solution.

Suggestion 1:- Repair the files

The First suggestion is to repair the files or reinstall them. For that, you need to go to the command prompt.

#1:- Click On the start button/ search area, search for “cmd“.

#2:- Now right click on them and “Run as Administrator“.

GWXUX.exe - Application Error While clicking

#3:- Now Run the command “DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Scanhealth and after that run

DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth

#4:- After executing both these commands, restart your computer and after the PC turns on, try again “Get Windows 10” button. This time, the update work smoothly.

Suggestion 2:- issues due to third party software

If you are a continues use of third party software, you may face this issue. It is because these third party software makes some conflicts. After the system get turned on, these software packages run on the background and made issues for windows upgrade.

To solve this, you could try clean boot. A clean boot is performed by your Operating System during the start of your PC to eliminate and resolve all startup and update issues. The option to perform clean boot is different in windows vista, windows 7 and windows 8, so here is the link to know more about clean boot.

Hope any of the above suggestion worked for you. If you have any other solutions, please post it here. We appreciate your input.