[Solved] Number keys Not Working on Windows 10 after update

Many People complaints that, they have issue with the number keys after windows 10 update. We are dealing with Number keys Not Working issue on Windows 10 after update.

Independent on the platform, people may receive many issues and bugs after making an update of the current software version. These kind of discussions goes viral after popular brands roll out their major updates. This is common when Google introduces new android version, Apple introduces new iOS update and Microsoft brings an update to their OS.

Today we are going to deal with such an issue, which had noticed by Williams from South Africa. After he made an update to his brand new windows 10 laptop, he began to face issues with the numeric keypad on the right side of the keyboard. Let’s see what Williams had send to us about the new bug.

Hay AgeofWindows team, I am Williams from South Africa. I got your details from the YouTube channel you maintain for sharing windows related issues. I am writing with a hope that you guyz can resolve my issue. I am using a dell Inspiron 15 3000 series laptop which have numeric keys on the right side. Last day, I planned to upgrade to windows 10 and after doing the update, the numeric keys are not working. I just bought it 1 week ago and I won’t check the numeric keys when I used windows 8.1. So now I am confused that whether it is a hardware damage or any software related issues. Whenever I press the number key, I am getting some sort of shitty sounds. If you can help me, it would be a great pleasure.

Number keys Not working issue solution

There are a couple of reason you should have to check before going for a hardware replacement. After doing this, you can go to a hardware shop or the manufacturer customer support center for asking a replacement. So kindly check out the below checklist first.

#1: Check whether the Num Lock Key is turned on or not

No I am not kidding anyone. This will be the most common chance for the numeric keyboard issue with any version of Windows Operating System. I am telling this because many guyz who don’t have any knowledge about computers made these kinds of mistakes. I do personally know some of my buddies without turning the Num Lock key and screaming their Laptop’s numeric keyboard on the right side is not working. So if there is number keys on the right, there will also be a Num Lock button. Just press it once and activate your Numeric keypad.

#2: Check whether yo turned on Mouse Keys

In windows there is an option named Mouse Keys. If you turned it on, the Numeric keys won’t work and while pressing the keys, it produces some kind of system sounds. Here is the way to turn it off and regain access to the number keys.

  • Go to Control Panel
  • Click Ease of Access
  • Click Ease of Access Center
  • Now click on the “Make the mouse easier to use
  • From the new window un check the “Turn ON Mouse Keys” option

Number keys Not Working on Windows 10 after update

  • Click Apply

#3: Check you have latest drivers installed

This advice is for those who are using some old laptops. I hope latest laptops won’t show such issues. If you are running out of drivers, kindly download the latest drivers from the manufacturer website. You can also use some third party tools like drivermax or 3D Chip for getting the latest drivers. These tools will show the download link where you could get outdated drivers that are required for your Laptop.

Now we can look into the real issue. Here Williams had mentioned that there is some sort of sounds while pressing the Number keys. That means, his keys are working fine. I hope the second solution mentioned above will resolve his issue. Anyway try the other solutions too if it didn’t get worked. We are waiting for your reply.