[Solved] Windows 10 Nvidia Graphics card not detecting issue

Those who are crazy about Computer games, they can’t think about a situation where Graphics card stopped working. Installing a brand new graphics video card will increase a computer’s performance in all sense. Some motherboards have inbuilt graphics memory but it won’t work for high end games.

Last day, we had seen an article on a popular tech blog that, if you loves gaming, you better don’t upgrade to windows 10. The reason is that, many people reported that, they had issues with their Laptop/PC after installing graphics card drivers in windows 10. There is a slight truth in this because windows 10 required a new version of Nvidia drivers which is not yet available on Nvidia website for downloading.

How to solve Nvidia Graphics card not detecting in windows 10 Computer/laptop?

This issue can be solved if you have an active Internet connection with your Computer / Laptop. Simply telling, the graphics card is not detecting on your laptop is due to missing of corresponding drivers. So the one and only one choice to play games on your windows 10 is by installing the latest graphics card drivers.

One important thing you should remember while installing Nvidia Drivers is that, don’t use any third party plugins to download and install the missing drivers. Here I am exploring an e-mail that we had received from Alex James from Texas.

Hai AgeofWindows team,

I had got information about your team from the videos that your team had posted on YouTube channel AgeofWindows. You guys are doing well. I had already subscribed and watched a couple of tips that you had shared on that channel. Anyway I am writing this mail, believing that your team can assist me. Here is my issue with windows 10 in detail.

I used to work with my Windows 8.1 PC till July 29 and just after windows 10 launched, I updated to windows 10. My first issue was the brightness button and your article on how to fix brightness button after windows 10 update helped to regain access to those buttons. On that article, you had mentioned a software called Drivermax and using the same software, I installed the drivers of my 2 GB Nvidia getforce 840 Graphics card. But after installing the drivers, my laptop get freeze. I can’t do anything. I restarted many time and still the same issue. Did I do anything wrong? Is it the issue with Windows 10 or my graphics card? I am using Dell Inspiron 15 3000 series laptop with 8 GB RAM and 1TB Hard disk. I appreciate any solutions bought by your team.

Kind Regards

Alex James

Reason Why Nvidia Graphics card not detecting after Windows 10 update

This is not an issue only for Alex James. But happens to all people those who had updated to windows 10 or installed new windows 10 version. By default, there will be no graphics card drivers in your PC/Laptop. For making any hardware component work, you need to keep corresponding drivers. So without corresponding and upto date drivers, your video card is not going to run.

In the above case [Alex James] he had installed the drivers using third party application called drivermax. One thing you need to remember is that, these third party application can’t provide you a latest version of drivers. Even the drivermax is a good piece of software but it may not get updated with the latest drivers of your GetForce 840 Video card. During the update of your driver via such tools, they provide some older version of drivers. These out dated verion of drivers make your Video card being undetected or make your PC freeze continuously.

Resolve Graphics card issues using Nvidia GetForce Experience

Windows 10 Nvidia Graphics card not detecting

GetForce experience is the best and easiest way to update your Nvidia drivers and optimize the games with maximum output. Actually it is a piece of software, which is to be installed on your PC. The software automatically finds the best and suitable drivers for your Laptop/PC.

If a new driver is released for your Graphics card, the GetForce experience notify you to download the new drivers. Within  a single click, that driver will be installed on your PC and your drivers get updated. When you install this software, you are giving permission to connect GeForce Experience to contact their cloud data center for accessing details regarding your system settings. Based on the performance and features of your PC, optimized piece of drivers are downloaded. This give you maximum performance while playing games. In short sense you are optimizing your game’s performance with a single click.

Go and get GetForce Experience