Top 3 fax apps for android – Send Unlimited fax from mobile

As we wish ,when technology emerges and flourishes day by day we expect it to make our needs in the daily life much easier and hastily. To achieve this target android phones are one of the means.When we talk about all other apps with so much buzz and excitement here is another one to enjoy, ie, an app which allow you to send fax from your android phone with the help of an online account to any fax machine around the globe.

As everything is diminishing to the size of the phone ,there isn’t any need on depending the conventional fax machines ,but you can depend on your smart phone to send fax when your are incapable of doing the same from your working site. It has became a daily routine of a business man to send and receive fax and there are many like this who curse this job when they are on the midst of a business trip or something like that. Here I promise you that you will be enjoying your job if you install any of the following helpful fax sending apps.

Best fax apps for android to send fax from your mobile


Faxfile is an android app which help you to fax files ,documents, pdf formats and all other stuffs which is there in your smart phone.An interesting feature is that you can do this to any locations around the earth .The process is as simple as you drink a cup of tea.All you want to do is just select the file which you need to fax and thereafter entering the fax number.Both will do good to you,one to your health and the other to your carrier.

As we do in other social media like whatsapp, Facebook and all, fax file app also enables you to send images in both PNG and JPG format,which is the cementing material of all images.In addition to this, recommended app allows you to fax PDF and Microsoft Office Word documents ,ie,.doc or .docx to any destination .

Everything has it’s on requirements.To send a fax through faxfile you have to purchase fax credits through the renowned android google playstore (in-app purchase).An important thing to notice is that once you have twitched a fax ,fax credits are not reimbursed partially or completely. More over this app doesn’t require any monthly subscription to fax your items.I kindly request you to go through the international rate table so that you can verify details about the countries that you need about.

Now lets go through the specifications on this app.the faxing item transfer in the background from your phone to our servers and later on status of fax is returned to the application in each step.Sometime when faxes doesn’t go through initially ,dont get worried we will fix that up without any additional charges but you have to report us whenever this happens.kindly note that the speed in sending images as fax might take 2,3 minutes.

This version of app (1.20) works under all android devices and is of size 1.40 MB which had crossed 1 lakh downloads and is rated 4.3 by the users.

Download FaxFile

2. eFax-Mobile Fax App

 fax apps for android

eFax is another android app which enables you to fax your files and documents.with the help of this free fax application one can scan and fax the documents in your phone or tablet.this app even add your electronic generated signature to a fax online and in addition to this you can receive,edit ,sign and send faxes.
Another important feature of this app is that it allows you to add notes directly onto your can also also send a fax document as PDF format from your android smart phone or mentioned earlier this app allows you to create an electronic signature using your finger on the can make use of Google Cloud print to hike the productivity of the app.the prescribed eFax app have the ability download files and transfer PDF forms to your cloud storage,ie,it has the functioning to export faxes.

eFax app allows you send items to email,a printer or a conventional fax machine simultaneously when you send fax through the mobile app.when you face the dilemma of sending files through email because of it’s large size,eFax app solves this issue by allowing you to send large files like promotional videos,sales presentations etc.more over this app personalize faxes with a custom cover page.

the present app is of version 4.3 and has a size of 7.50 MB which had crossed 500000+downloads given rating 3.7 by the users.

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When you use this fax app you are just converting your smart phone to an efficient fax machine.this app offers you to send documents to fifty nations around the globe for a free cost and without must note that this app is free for one page per day.

when we discuss about its usefulness,one can send one page at a free cost to 50 countries(most European countries).As all other fax app does this app also allows you to take picture of the document and send as fax to the important stuff is that one will be getting fabulous results with extra ordinary lightning.

In addition to this ,the pc fax app allows you to simply type your text and enable you to send it as a fax.moreover this app helps you to send picture and PDF attachment to an email address. Interesting thing to note is that the above functioning is free at any time. Additionally this app functions as a local web browser ,ie,it allows us to upload a document with your mentioned earlier one can use this app to send your email attachments.

9.18 MB sized app is the in the playstore which had crossed 100000+downloads and users had given this a rating of 3.5.

Download PC Fax

So I advise you all to make full use of the advancement of technology to make your time save. Just think about a 130g FAX MACHINE in your pocket…..interesting…na..