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The world of technology is way too ironical when we consider the security aspect of it! Even as inventors and others do come up with stunning technologies and solutions to protect our security and privacy, more and more viruses and malware are coming along the way. That being said, we cannot just sit back, relax and allow an intruder to steal a lot of our important data, at any case. However, since an absolute solution is not available, we have to follow something else: using an effective antivirus solution with up-to-date virus definitions and other securing capabilities so that you won’t get into trouble, at least for a while.

Nevertheless, the abundance of antivirus software in the market has created more than enough confusion when we have to choose an optimal antivirus for your PC or Mac. Furthermore, each antivirus developer has different kinds of protection — such as Total Protection, in which both internet protection and PC protection would be included and a plan named Internet Protection, which prioritizes security and privacy of the user, in the long run. To help you make a clean pass through this confusion, we have come up with a list of top 5 antivirus software you can trust. We don’t say that you will get protection from ALL security threats, but fact has it that you can get rid of most of them.

Best Antivirus Software for Windows in 2015

BitDefender Total Security 2016

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BitDefender Total Security 2016 is an antivirus solution that also combines some privacy-protection capabilities such that you won’t have to be tensed when you browse web or deal with some confidential information. The tool comes with a lot of features that can come handy in the long run. For instance, there’s a Machine Learning capability, using which BitDefender Total Security 2016 can learn about your computer and act accordingly, to achieve success when it comes to removing viruses, malware and other threats. As far as a security-&-privacy-conscious people would be concerned, BitDefender Total Security 2016 has a lot of capabilities, including Autopilot and Anti-spam.

While Autopilot mode of the software lets you engage in your tasks without taking the effort to manage the tool, by making use of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, Anti-spam feature of BitDefender Total Security 2016 is an impressive one when you want to get rid of spam messages and all. There’s also protection from phishing and other kinds of web-based frauds, thanks to its Web Filtering section. In addition, BitDefender Total Security 2016 has some productivity-oriented features such as BitDefender Safepay —to process payments without that risk of losing your information —, Password manager and Parental advisor. Keeping these capabilities aside, what makes the tool an awesome one is that BitDefender Total Security 2016 has minimal impact on your PC, unlike other antivirus solutions out there. It’s so simple that you won’t even bother about its presence.

So, for those who need not only common antivirus features but also some task-oriented protective abilities, we will recommend BitDefender Total Security 2016. BitDefender Total Security 2016 is available for Microsoft Windows 7 and later version. One-year license of the tool costs $44.98, which is affordable.

Official Website of BitDefender Total Security 2016

Panda Global Protection 2016

Panda Global Protection 2016 is actually the premium version of Panda Antivirus Pro and the tool comes with a lot of impressive features. Capabilities of Panda Global Protection 2016 aren’t limited to the removal of virus and malware, but also there’s protection from Wi-Fi threats and other related issues. What makes Panda Global Protection 2016 a bit different from other tools is the multi-device support you can find in it. It’s apparent that you can use Panda Global Protection 2016 in your Windows, Android, iOS at the same time and you will have unified form of protection in the long run. Apart from fighting off viruses, Panda Global Protection 2016 has some other features as well.

For instance, the tool has Parental Control facility that you can use to restrict your children from inappropriate stuff. Also, Data Shield feature of Panda Global Protection 2016 is meant to protect confidential data from cyber threats & other issues regarding data security. On top of all these, Password Manager feature of Panda Global Protection 2016 lets you manage all your service passwords and the only password you will have to remember is Master Password, to make things simpler. Panda Global Protection 2016 has in-built device optimization section using which you will be able to enhance speed and performance of your device in a better way. At the same time, data protection can be extended to a new level, thanks to the File Encryption feature.

Panda Global Protection 2016 is a minimal antivirus solution you can trust when you need enhanced protection! The single-device license of Panda Global Protection 2016 is available for $76.99.

Panda Global Protection 2016 Official Site

Avast Premier

Avast Premier is said to be the best antivirus solution from Avast Technologies itself, for the tool has a superb set of protection-oriented features that would be useful for a common user as well as a pro-user. Apart from the common features you would expect from a typical antivirus solution, Avast has included some other productive features also, say, for instance, automatic software updater — a tool that can conveniently be used to update software you have installed in your PC so that it will be imperturbable to most of the security threats. However, there are some superb features as well, which you can count in.

First of all, Avast Premier creates a specific environment called SafeZone when you want to process transactions or to deal with confidential data. In SafeZone, there will be no interruption whatsoever and you can be quite confident when you input your credit card details or other payment details. In addition, the in-built Firewall of Avast Premier is way too efficient when it comes to protecting your PC from hackers, especially when you’re connected to a public Wi-Fi or something less secure. Other notable features of Avast Premier include the Sandbox testing, which would be a good space to test software that you’re unsure about, military-grade file shredding to make sure that confidential files will never get into the wrong hands, home network scanning to ensure best security to all devices in network.

Considering all these, Avast Premier is indeed one of the best antivirus solutions you can find. One-year license of the tool is available for $49.99 and the number of devices is limited to one. However, as per the price, it makes a lot of sense.

Avast Premier Official Site

Microsoft Security Essentials

If you are still sticking on to Microsoft Windows 7 — well, that’s not a problem —, Microsoft Security Essential is one of the best antivirus solutions you can check out. The reason why we call it best is that it comes from Microsoft. And, after all, who will understand the environment better than the developer itself? Bringing that principle into practice, Microsoft Security Essentials can offer a satisfactorily awesome security protection for your Windows 7-based PC and it’s a worth-going-for deal as well. Well, let us warn you beforehand that you cannot expect much features from Microsoft Security Essentials, but it’s rather a minimal antivirus solution out there.

Nevertheless, its minimalism can be read together with Microsoft’s understanding of Windows OS, which leads us to believe that the depth of protection is worth the effort you make. Having talked about the minimalistic approach the tool takes, Microsoft Security Essentials has some impressive features as well. For instance, there’s online scanning of system, offline system scanning as well as cleaning. On top of all these, you get real-time protection from different kinds of malicious stuff such as spyware, viruses, rootkits and what not. Also, there’s Dynamic Signature Service that you can trust. It has to be noted that you don’t have to install Microsoft Security Essentials in your Windows 8 PC, as it comes with an in-built antivirus and protection suite named Windows Defender.

If we are to take into account the power of native build, it’s sure that Microsoft Security Essentials is a good-to-go solution for Windows 7 PCs. After all, Microsoft Security Essentials is completely free to use.

Microsoft Security Essentials Official Site

AVG Internet Security

As it’s common in the case of Internet Security suites, AVG Internet Security combines protection from both offline & online threats, by attaching a mode of protection along with antivirus capabilities. When accompanied by an easy-to-use design, AVG Internet Security seems to be one of the optimal choice you can make if you need uncompromised protection from malware, spyware etc. And, security solutions from AVG are always praised for the no-slowdown set of features, meaning that you can install AVG Internet Security in your PC, without fearing about the issue of having a slowed-down PC, which causes all the more inconvenience from the user point of view.

As we come to the features section, there’s Link Protection that lets you analyze social media links and report if that is malicious, Email Protection that extends the level of protection to your email messages and all. In addition, being a Internet Security suite, there are some other tools as well. For instance, Data Safe can be useful when you want to keep specific files in an ultra-confidential manner, away from the reach of bad hands. And, while Enhanced Firewall ensures security of your bank transactions and everything else with an ease, Anti-spam feature would be useful for those who confront spam stuff, more often. And, to be noted, thanks to the experience of years, AVG algorithm for protection from viruses and spyware is worth the deal, we would say.

Thus, AVG Internet Security becomes a good choice for both pro and basic PC users when they’re active on internet as well. One year subscription of AVG Internet Security is available for $54.99 and it’s just for one device.

AVG Internet Security Official Site

Do you think any other antivirus software deserves space in this list? If so, we would love to hear those names via your comments.