Top 5 Payment Gateways in US for Secure Online Transactions

For an e-business to be successful, there must be a safe and efficient payment gateway available for its processing. In short, a payment gateway helps to authorize payments in e-commerce business. This automatically process credit, debit or any other forms of transaction with so much ease and safely. If you wish to give your customers best buying moments, your requirement for reliable payment gateways are inevitable.

There are many payment gateways available in the market including Paypal alternatives but here in this article I am giving you information about top most payment gateways. So here are besties from the busy traffic.

Top 5 Payment Gateways for fast and secure Online Transactions

#1:- for Secure online transaction is the best payment gateway that helps merchants to authorize the payments of their customers with a maximum security and speedy action. It manages the transactions just as your credit or debit card which you use in the retail atmosphere. Instead of phone line service uses internet connection. It is surely an answer to the cyber source corporation.

To protect merchants from fraud activities uses a number of value-adding services which also assist them in managing their sales and service. Furthermore to attain consumer confidence Verified Merchant Seal can be added to the merchants website. Merchants can log into website named merchant interface to configure account setting, manage payments, generate reports and many more. It is supported in over 190 countries. No.1 payment gateway across United States.

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#2:- 2checkout for fast transactions

The second candidate of the show is 2checkout also known as 2CO which is an online payment gateway that allows merchants to accept transactions from debit cards, credit cards and even Paypal account of their customers. Your business can be spread worldwide with this payment gateway as it is available in 25 currencies and in 15 languages and more than 200 nations.

2CO provide you a flexible integration as it select from 3 customizable checkout options and also sum up with more than one hundred plus shopping carts without any coding, unless you wish to have it. 2CO offers you a mobile based checkout option so that your customers can use any device for their purchase. It gives merchant a two method checkout options for easy and secure processing called ‘hosted’ and ‘API’. So signup with 2CO and give your customers a safe payment processing option.

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#3:- BeanStream

This is my third option that can give you a secure and reliable online payment processing gateway. Beanstream has got developer portal which is simply designed to deliver an interactive support and to promote developer community on the go. One can easily promote code in Code Garden and can integrate using their API technology. In addition to this, one can check out beanstreams code samples and can use a test account to join the community.

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Technology that beanstream provide is created to work with most of the financial providers and processing platforms in Europe and North America. Interesting to note is that beanstream has no hidden charges, ie, there isn’t any monthly minimum sale necessity. They have got a very vivid pricing system and have no hidden charges. With the help Omni-channel reporting system get into the driving seat of your sales data and just authorize your business statistics.

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It is another prominent payment gateway which accepts all credit cards and debit cards and ACH eChecks in transaction. Secure customer record is synced to all payment activity so that it is sure that there wont be any manual reconciliation. It accepts all your products online, bill payments, rent and donations that your customer operate and can be operated with high security.

Paysimple delivers you the most flexible recurring billing platform available in the market. It also allows your customers to set up an auto pay online. The reliable and secure virtual terminal is so haste and is very easy to use. You can accept the payment in a fraction of second. In addition to this paysimple has auto reminders and pre-notifications which can be send automatically whenever needed. Additionally, you can upload multiple invoices simultaneously and can easily manage service catalog with paysimple.

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It is an online payment processing software which supports your business anywhere around the globe.STRIPE is a powerful toolkit that works with all type of business with its composable, simple, orthogonal APIs. Stripe checkout allows a customizable transaction which works greatly under mobiles and desktops. It can add Apple pay, Android payor Amex express Checkouts with a less lines of coding. Moreover it offers your customers special deals and coupons in accordance with their payments.

It offers you many more additional features which includes adding team members to your account, getting control access levels and many more. You can take instantly take action by staying sync with account events. Furthermore stripe allows you to see transactions information in real time and allows you to freely export to QuickBooks , CSV or any other formats. Even with your international customers you are paid on your local preferred currency. It has got a rich 3rd party ecosystem and is always in readiness for high transactions.

Stripe offers you everything with no headaches about its security because it is certified to PCI level 1 which is the most secure level of certification. You can add extra security to your account with two-factor authentication technology of Stripe.

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So I request the merchant group to use any of the above mentioned online payment gateway to process payments and to provide the best buying experience for your users. Give a pause to the frequent question asked “how to process transactions from my customers?”.