Top 6 Movie Streaming Apps for Android – Latest Collection of 2015

To say some people love movies will be an understatement! On the other hand, we find it okay to say that everyone, or nearly everyone, loves watching different kinds of movies — for that matter, there is parallel, commercial and the lying-in-the-middle category and more. Nevertheless, in this busy world, you may not get enough time to sit in front of your fully-fledged TV and watch movies, even for movie freaks who love wandering.

Well, if you have an Android-based Smartphone or Tablet PC, you’ve a convenient option, which lets you watch your favorite flicks from almost anywhere, given that you’ve an internet connection with relatively higher speed. To do that, you need to have some Android apps — apps that can help you find the favorite flick from the way-too-large directory and bring it into your Smartphone screen, and then enlarge it if you want.

In this post, we have a list of top six Android apps for streaming movies. Some apps may offer additional features such as streaming TV Programs, but never mind that aspect 😉

Best Movie Streaming Apps for Android in 2015

#1:- Flipps TV

A completely free Android app, Flipps TV is your gateway to Movies, Music and TV Shows! You better ignore the rest of categories if you just need a movie-streaming app. Talking of the content library of Flipps TV, it is quite impressive, and there are around 100 channels of movies, music and TV shows, from which you can get the one you look for and start streaming right away. The library consists of top box-office hit movies to the classics, which is supposed to have a minority audience.

Thus, for a movie freak out there, he or she can find the movie that suits, regardless tastes. This app has an awesome feature you’d not expect from a movie-streaming app. If you have an Internet connected TV or Chromecast or such a device, you can project the movie to your fully-fledged TV Screen — that too in a click. Once it has been set up, you can use your Smartphone screen. When it comes to streaming, there is no limit whatsoever and the content is more often than not available in 1080p HD and you can upgrade to Flipps HD to have more HD stuff. It’s free, we repeat.

#2:- Hubi

When you need an Android movie streaming app that gives you the freedom to download content and keep it in the device, Hubi is a worth-going-for Android application, indeed. Hubi comes with an incredibly minimalist UI but that application has a wide range of supported services. From YouTube to 180Upload, from MovShare to FileBox, you can stream or download movies and other stuff. The limitation with Hubi is that it does not offer you a catalog to grab movies from. On the other hand, once you have found the content, you can start streaming, with all features.

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Other features of Hubi include the feature-rich video player but you can choose your favorite video player to play movies and integrated browser, using which you can find content you’re searching for. If you’re kind of watching-again person, History part of Hubi would be quite helpful, we bet. Also, system and back-end of Hubi is so impressive and based on cloud, giving you best results. By the way, it’s completely free to use.

#3:- Viewster

Viewster, yet another free android app for movie streaming, lets you access movies, TV shows and Anime videos that are available in the Internet for free. If you’re purely into the commercial movie sector, you may not find directory of Viewster that much impressive but the collection surely has some superb films, thrillers and documentaries. If we’re to consider all these, Viewster is indeed an awesome movie-streaming app for Android users out there; and, behold, Anime lovers, you’ve a good scene out here 😉

Coming to the playback and features section, Viewster proves to be satisfactory, from many aspects. For instance, it offers free access to content that is licensed. Also, you have the option to create watch-lists and there’s Chromecast support that lets you enlarge viewing experience into a bigger screen. Altogether, Viewster is a sense-making tool if seamless streaming is your main intention.

#4:- Yidio

Yidio is a smart-enough Android app to depend upon when you need to stream TV Shows & movies in smarter way. All the content you get from Yidio is not actually free. For instance, in the results, you can find movies from Netflix or Hulu or HBO GO, and you will have to pay the subscription fee if you would like to access the content. Similarly, rent-method may also be there. Thus, you have a kind of benefit here. Through a single search, you can have information from various services like Hulu Plus, Crackle, CBS, YouTube and MAX GO.

There are some additional features when it comes to playback aspect of Yidio. For instance, you can give feedback to Yidio if you want to watch a particular show and the app will give you notification when the show or movie is made available. Also, there is support for Chromecast, in case if you wanted to have an enlarged screen. Movie selection is lot more easier in Yidio, as several filters and finding methods are available and you’ve the freedom to choose and to start streaming. As in case of app, it’s free to download and use and it’ll be free if you restrict you to free content.

#5:- SnagFilms

SnagFilms for Android is a streaming-app that is dedicated for movies. Of course, there are several perks of being a dedicated movie streaming app. First of all, there is an extremely huge collection of films and the collection is never restricted to English movies. On the other hand, you can check content from several countries like Bollywood, Arabic and Japanese. All these movies come with subtitles so that you won’t find language as a hindrance. Apart from films, there are documentaries, selected TV Shows, Kids Shows etc.

Apart from watch-later feature, there are some impressive playback features too. Chromecast support, for instance, is a superb feature that lets you share content with other devices like Android TV or Google TV. Also, you can choose movies from the easily-accessible categories of SnagFilms that are rich-enough as well. Thus, when you need a clean and sleek, movie-watching experience through Android, SnagFilms makes enough sense.

#6:- WatchDocumentary

Last but not least, we have a movie-streaming app with a minor twist! WatchDocumentary is a free Android app that lets you find and stream documentary films, which are not actually in limelight. WatchDocumentary should be your choice if you want to watch nice documentary as they are published and the application has all the required sets of features to do that in a better way. For instance, there is support for categories so that you can choose and there is a watch list feature as well. Altogether, WatchDocumentary makes sense as far as documentary lovers are concerned.

Well, that’s all about our list of top six apps for streaming movies in your Android Smartphone? Have you used any of these apps? If yes, we’d like to know what you think about them.