Bluestacks Alternatives – 3 Tools that allow you to run Android apps

Due to some reason or other, Bluestacks has become the first name to strike on people’s mind when they think about virtualizing an Android device — or, at least, running Android applications or games in your Windows PC! One of the reasons is that not many of its alternatives aren’t as popular as Bluestacks, especially when we are to compare. It has to be noted that Bluestacks, as an android virtualizing software, has some serious disadvantages. For instance, when it comes to resource consumption level, Bluestacks is really bad, in such a way that you can’t just use any other tools when you use Bluestacks. Also, despite using the virtualization technology, Bluestacks is not that good when you like to do something that a developer would need. That is, when you want to test an app that you developed — without having your device bricked —, you can’t rely upon Bluestacks, as it is a truly limited app player solution. That having said, common users hate the sluggish nature of Bluestacks in the first place, for the basic installation process and app management would take more than a few minutes to be completed. We do hope these reasons are enough to force you go for a Bluestacks alternative, which makes sense when it comes to running applications and doing more a kind of Android virtualization. In this post, we have a list of top three Bluestacks alternatives. So, when Bluestacks doesn’t seem right to you, you can choose one of the tools in the list and just start virtualizing. The list might be small, but all the tools are worth going for, we bet.

Top Bluestacks Alternatives in 2015 – Run app on PC

#1:- Andy the Android Emulator

Andy the Android Emulator is a Bluestacks alternative you can go for, when you want to get rid of hassle-full process of installation and all. On the other hand, you can use it for running applications and games with ultimate ease. Andy is quite rich when it comes to the features aspect and it would more of an extension of your Android Smartphone in a way that you can get advantages such as expanded storage space and resource availability. Thus, when you’d love to play Clash of Clans or any other favourite Smartphone-only game from your PC, you can count Andy the Android Emulator in. One of the best things we loved about Andy is that tool ensures that you get the up-to-date version of Android. Plus, there are some stunning features to be noted.

Some of the notable features include availability of full Android User Interface, the feature to use your Smartphone as the controller when you’re playing games or so, OpenGL Hardware support for enhanced acceleration when there is graphics going on, sensors integration, desktop push notifications etc. Also, the access given to local file system of PC makes sense, giving you the freedom of expanded storage space. When we add Camera Integration to list, Andy is becoming one of the tight competitors for Bluestacks. After all, why should you stick onto a rudimentary app player, especially when there is an alternative with up-to-date features and capabilities?

Talking of pricing, Andy the Android Emulator is available for free, with all the above-mentioned features. However, when you need additional features such as Developer Support, you may go with the Enterprise version of the tool. In the end, we repeat, go with Andy when you need an effective android replica in your Windows PC or Mac.

Check Official Site of Andy the Android Emulator

#2:- Console OS

Console OS is an initiative to bring a version of Android that runs as native as possible in a Windows environment. In addition to this power of being native — which is extremely huge, for that matter —, there are several features that would attract almost everyone to Console OS. However, it’s to be noted that Console OS isn’t a download-and-install Android app player. On the other hand, you can call Console OS an Android distribution, which can be installed in the PC or Tablet PC of yours, alongside Microsoft Windows. Console OS gets way too better when you have a device with multi-touch and other features, because you can even make Console OS your primary Operating System, thus giving you best results and productivity in the long run.

Being a fully-fledged distribution of Android, there are some features worth mentioning. For instance, you can get all your Android OS data into a bootable USB Hard Disk and run it from the removable drive. There are also options for alongside installation and wipe-off installation. As we said earlier, Console OS can do good when you are installing it in x86 Tablet PC. So, you can install it alongside Windows 8 or something. Altogether, we would say that Console OS is a good choice for common users, developers and gamers, thanks to the OpenGL support. When it comes to pricing aspect, Console OS Standard version is available for free. It is to be noted that the process may seem a bit risky but it is surely worth the effort you take.

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#3:- AMIDuOS

Bluestacks Alternatives

AMIDuOS, hailing from American Megatrends, is another download-install-and-run solution for running android apps in your Windows-powered PC. Of course, it has a lot of features to offer along with a performance-oriented structure and something more. You will have the option to switch between Microsoft Windows and Android with no mess ups with dual booting or other developer-friendly stuff. AMIDuOS comes with an in-built Amazon App Store, from which you can download apps you want. When it comes to performance aspect, 3D Acceleration support of AMIDuOS is an impressive-enough feature, especially if you are into serious android gaming stuff.

Depending upon the device you are using — Tablet PC or Desktop —, AMIDuOS has a lot of features. While Desktop version of AMIDuOS gives you full keyboard compatibility, you get touch features like pinch to zoom gesture and all when you are in Tablet PC mode. Also, there is a notable range of supported devices and sensors, for that matter. Yet another feature we loved in AMIDuOS is the presence of sense-making tutorial to seek help.

When it comes to the pricing, AMIDuOS has two versions: one with Android Lollipop and the other with Jellybean. For the first, you have to pay $15 and for the latter, $10. Despite all these, there is a free trial of 30 days available. In short, when you need both performance and user friendliness, AMIDuOS is a sense-making Bluestacks alternative.

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What do you think of these Bluestacks alternatives? We are eager to hear from you.