Twitter header size – What is the size for your header pics?

Using social media has became a daily routine for majority of people living around the globe and I know you are the best in the field. In modern times, people communicate through all these social media which also includes updating the home page of yours. The latest place you visited, pics you have taken, all come up in your updation, right?

We all wish and love to upload cute and sexy images of ours and of nature as our new header and profile picture. And Twitter is one among the social media that enables you to do the same. If the upload is not of right construction, you are going to endure sad after the process. Don’t worry my friends, here am I to help you by providing the correct dimensions of header so that you can feel better of your image.

As you all know Twitter has instigated a new design, that is accepted by the internet world to a great extent. Now its a trend to have a giant cover photo on our profile and only stuff is that you need to be creative in making it a success. One must be aware of right dimensions so that these images uploaded will have a perfect fit and razor sharp clarity on viewing.

Twitter Profile size for your header photo

The new layout is designed in such a way that the images get resided depending on the users web browser window. This means that, it will scale with respect to the screen size and how much of the screen browser use. The profile picture is displayed as square with rounded corners and a thin white border.

Twitter header size

The images uploaded which aren’t square, are asked for reposition or zoom according to the requirement. There might not be serious issues with profile pictures, as they stays constant even when the browser window resizes. The recommended size of profile picture is 400px by 400px so that you can have a satisfaction after the upload.

Twitter header size for your photo

As mentioned above, profile pictures wont give you trouble compared to profile header that you upload. For whatever image you upload as header, the twitter will apply some sort of heavy JPG compression that might decrements the image quality. This lowering is done to give a haste experience in browsing and to conserve bandwidth.

I will give you some instructions to make your profile header attractive. Firstly, you must make sure that the image uploaded is with little or no compression since you loses image quality if have done the opposite and the distortions in image get compounded, more times you do compression.

You must also note that the images with fewer colors and gradients suffer less from heavy JPG compression. The JPG compression also affects texts, logos, and watermarks in a very ugly manner. One can make use of clean, high contrast Sans-serif fonts to reduce compression.

The whole content in the picture might not fit to the header since it is automatically cropped for reasons mentioned above. Because of this issue, one must know the visible and invisible regions of the header so that your followers can know you more. I also insist my readers put the texts (if there are some), at the center of the header. The more you keep it closer to center, the lesser is the cropping effect.

Just follow these instructions listed under the recommend dimension of 1500px by 500px so that there will be less JPG compression and cropping issues. So just upload the header and profile pic, just about the same quality image saved to upload.